About the book- The Boy from Pataliputra

The year is 326 BC.

From beyond the Himalayas, a vast and invincible horde of Yavanas (Greeks), Pahlavas (Persians), Shakas (Scythians) and Bahlikas (Bactrians) has appeared on the frontiers of Bharatvarsha. Alexander ‘the great’ has arrived and rivers of blood are about to flow.

As the invaders advance relentlessly onwards, as ruler after ruler falls over themselves to shake hands with the invaders and as the students of Takshashila University break into open revolt, one young man, Aditya Vikram is faced with a terrifying choice, a choice that threatens to tear his carefully constructed world apart. For Aditya is ‘The Boy from Pataliputra’ an escapee from Magadha and a man with secrets of his own.

This is the story of a young man’s growth to maturity and wholeness told against the backdrop of Alexander’s invasion of India. It is also the story of the rise and creation of a nation and the movement led by the Acharya Chanakya and the fiery young student leader Chandragupta




Excerpt from a Chapter- Alexander ‘The Great’

As the two friends talked into the night, little did they know that their own lives were soon about to take another dramatic turn, for history was on the march and the world around them was already changing… Read/Download the excerpt..


Excerpt from a Chapter – The Battle of Hydaspes: The Crossing

“Only three hundred rafts? It’ll take us all night!” Peithon exclaimed.
Coenus nodded vigorously and shrugged. His lips were pressed tightly together and his nostrils flared
with each breath.
“It’ll take at least five or more trips back and forth for each raft. Your men had better start work.”…Read/Download the excerpt..

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